Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tragic Endings, uncertain beginnings

How long should I wait?
How long should I suffer with doubt and fear
I must find a way to move on
Discover how to let all of this pain go

My new life will be over
Cast into a sea of uncertainty
Hoping to find another soulmate
The odds are heavily against me

Tossed and thrown by the whims of the tide
The pieces of my perceived existence are peeled away
Revealing the core of my being
Bruised and battered, broken and black

A soul that still clings to lost love
Trying to reach beyond the injuries
Injuries left open and festering
Hope of healing drives me away

The beginning is unclear
Hard to comprehend
My unanswered faith in humanity
It shall remain steadfast, my anchor

Even alone, I have worth, value
I will hold myself up
Believing in my ability to persevere
I can make it through this, I must

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