Friday, September 14, 2012

Doubt and Faith

My faith has been shaken
But is has not been destroyed
Like a ship battered against the rocks
It still floats as I am cast into a sea of uncertainty

Doubt swirls around me
The waves sloshing against my face
It burns through my consciousness, clouding my vision
Like salt water stinging my eyes

Has anyone seen me?
Are they too busy with their own problems?
Will they even notice that I am missing?
If so, would they even care?

I cling to my faith in others
Because it has helped me through
I hope someone yells out, throws a lifeline
I hope someone notices I'm gone

I must hold tightly to my faith
Dig my hands into it
Without faith there is no purpose
Without purpose there is no point in going on

Is a rope in the water, will I find it?
Will my doubts resign me to sink beneath the waves of despair
I must fight for survival
To my last breath I will have faith

Doubt creeps in like a numbing cold
I feel the rope brush against my hand
Frantically I reach for it
Grasping another chance at life

Someone is at the other end of the line
Trying to pull me to safety
He is faceless but I can feel his compassion
Someone who cares enough to hold fast the line

Is it someone I have wronged in the past
Is it someone I have used for my own selfishness
It doesn't matter to the man holding the rope
He is concerned with saving me, not who I am

Please God let this be true
Let my faith be rewarded
Let it override my doubts and fears
Please let it be him

Only time will remove all of my doubts
Only true faith in him will be the end of this hard journey
Please help him know that I want him to save me
Only he can save me from the turmoil of the sea

I am cold, scared
I feel alone in my struggle to survive
My emotions are real, justified
Heartfelt and desperate for his understanding

Don't let me drown
Don't sacrifice me to the sea

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