Sunday, September 16, 2012

Time and Priority

Time slips by at the speed of light
Slipping through my fingers
Like trying to hold water in my hand
It seeps through everything

Time forces me to prioritize my life
Focus on those who prioritize me
Everything in my life wants to be first
Like runners in a race, who will win?

Will I have time for it all?
How do I decide what to do first?
So many important people and things
I don't want to lose any of them

Time is finite, preset to limit my life
I am allotted only so much
I am forced to choose
How will my choices impact my future?

Decisions made now will reverberate throughout my existence
Like ripples in the water, forever moving
Do I base them on others, subjugating my own needs?
Do I base them on my own happiness, a life of selfishness?

There has to be a balance, a way to have them coexist
Decisions must be made to satisfy both of these human needs
Without balance, I become a simple organic being, an animal
I choose to have humanity, to belong to a higher order

My priorities will be centered on those who do the same
I will use my limited time to love those who love me in return
I will focus my energy on helping others
Others who I hope will help even more people if they can

I will not neglect those in my life who mean the most to me
I will cherish them; keep them close
I will honor my commitments and promises
None to be made in haste; without thought

Time is too valuable to waste on those who would hurt me
Those who will not honor their promises and commitments
Their motivation in question, selfish and uncaring
Like a cancer to the soul, they will be cut out, exercised

Hold on to me, and I will hold on to you
Let me go, and I will move on
Like my decisions about priority and time
People in my life will be forced to choose, prioritize

Basing my decisions on love and humanity
I see a future filled with possibilities
People of like minds will be drawn to me
They will enrich my life in unexpected ways

I will invest my limited time in seeking them out
No longer will I idly waste this precious resource
The seconds are ticking by, unstoppable, relentless
I will move with the rhythm and stop fighting against it

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