Sunday, September 16, 2012

Promises made, Promises broken

Repair and reconstruction of a broken relationship
The possibilities were endless
It existed, the hope of a new beginning
All the right words were said

Actions are more forceful than simple words
Saying and doing are two parts of the same thing
Making promises only to forget them causes even more damage
Breaking down the last vestiges of hope

Pretending everything is fine does not make it true
Work was required, needed to seal the cracks
Forgiveness was a crucial piece on which to build
Without it vitriol would rule the day and crack the foundation

Forgiveness came with the demand to reconcile
Admit to the mistakes of the past, both known and unknown
Search within to find the reasons and motivations
Finding out what was missing

Together they then work to avoid the same mistakes
Meeting each others' needs equally
Sharing the burdens and the joys of everyday life
Supporting each other, even when no one else will

Is this too much to base a relationship on?
Is it expecting too much to share everything equally?
Their worlds and cultures collided
Their values will never coexist equally

The burden is to heavy for any one man to bear alone

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