Friday, November 16, 2012

Who knew me?

Lost in shadows
Never really seen
Perceived and forgotten

Life lived as a lie
Crushing the soul
Or be forever unnoticed

Like a calf on shaky footing
The world seems frightening
Shelter sought in the arms of a stranger
Someone willing to look honestly

A heart opened wide
Truth exposed
Accepted as beautiful
Finally seen in the light

Risk rewarded
True love a new feeling
Fear of loss entwined together
Fight fear, embrace love

Will sight remain?
Will shadow again rule the world?
The danger worth trying
Or be lost in black

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The walls close in

The closet door opens
A wall blocks the way forward
The door closes behind
Locked from the inside

Once out, there is no return
The illusion of safety in the lie extinguished
The courage to live in truth met with a wall of denial
No way forward, no way back

The rules have changed
Confusion rules a new life
I search for an opening
A way to perceive this new life

I push against the wall
It refuses to yield
Stopping my forward progress
Frustrating my desire to grow

Others revel in seeing failure
Rejoice in watching others suffer
They speak of a better life
As they hold the wall from the other side

Subtle cracks appear
Light shines through
Hope is alive
The desire for a way out

The wall stands firm
It seems nothing will break it
The light a simple delusion
No way forward, no way back

The space between shrinks
Crushing tender souls
Soon no room will remain
Everything becomes nothing


Monday, November 12, 2012

OK, I finally get it

Where are the people who care?
Do they really exist?
Everyone has an agenda
Everyone is out for themselves

I love you, I respect you, I care about you
Words with no meaning
Words used to open hearts
Lay bare your soul

Once open, the manipulation begins
How can I get what I want for as long as I can?
Smile, laugh, compliment
All while tearing, ripping, breaking

Human nature is no better than animal nature
Hugs were invented so you couldn't see the knife
About to slip into your back
Piercing your heart and soul

Friendship, love, relationship, respect, honesty
All have lost meaning, twisted into ugliness
Their truth buried beneath cold earth
The map to their location lost for eternity

I will not stay in a cold world such as this
I will no longer be a source of joy for others to use
Maybe true hearts are no longer a part of this world
Maybe evolution has eliminated them as weak

I just don't have any more energy to share
My life force drained
Depleted then cast aside
Maybe I should just stop caring

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Emotional Freeze

What is new is suddenly old
A flower withering
Spring crushed by a killing frost
New life destroyed

Clouds race to block the sun
Black and foreboding
Life giving warmth fades
Cold and darkness reign

Anger weaves itself into all
Despair replaces hope
Rage rises to depose kindness
No compassion remains

Winters steel grip returns
Imposing its will unabated
The smallest spark of life
Annihilated by the storm

Nothing remains

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Primavera de octubre

Un ave Fénix que surge desde las llamas
La ceniza quemada va cayendo
Amor quemaduras de fuego nuevo
Impulsado por el deseo y la esperanza

Descontento del invierno pasado
Empujado lejos, olvidado por la eternidad
Corazones llenos de amor que se reincorporan
Se enlazan a través de dolor y luchas

El Amor de entendimiento vence todo
Un futuro incierto les llama adelante
Juntos el futuro ya no es imposible
Definido por otros irrelevantes de la eternidad

Ahora comienzan
De la mano, forjan en lo desconocido

October Spring

A phoenix rising from the flames
The burned ash falls away
Love’s fire burns anew
Fueled by desire and hope

Winter’s discontent passed
Pushed away, forgotten for eternity
Hearts filled with love rejoined
Bond together through pain and strife

Understanding love conquers all
A future unclear beckons them forward
Together the future is no longer impossible
Eternity defined by others irrelevant

Now they begin
Hand in hand, they forge into the unknown

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tragic Endings, uncertain beginnings

How long should I wait?
How long should I suffer with doubt and fear
I must find a way to move on
Discover how to let all of this pain go

My new life will be over
Cast into a sea of uncertainty
Hoping to find another soulmate
The odds are heavily against me

Tossed and thrown by the whims of the tide
The pieces of my perceived existence are peeled away
Revealing the core of my being
Bruised and battered, broken and black

A soul that still clings to lost love
Trying to reach beyond the injuries
Injuries left open and festering
Hope of healing drives me away

The beginning is unclear
Hard to comprehend
My unanswered faith in humanity
It shall remain steadfast, my anchor

Even alone, I have worth, value
I will hold myself up
Believing in my ability to persevere
I can make it through this, I must

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why do we let this happen over and over again?

Am I going to feel like this forever?
Will my loneliness ever subside?
He has been taken from be by ignorant laws
Strangers have ripped him from our home

Will they ever understand what they are doing to us?
Will they ever have their rights trampled on like this?
I don't care who knows anymore
He is the man I love, the man I want to spend the rest of my life with

I will no longer sit idly by and let their hate and ignorance rule our lives
I will become a force to be reckoned with
I will channel this loneliness, use it to impact our lives for the better
Help those ignorant people understand that love must win, rights must prevail

If we lose this fight, they will be next
If one population can be oppressed without the others raising up against it
Then one by one, the dominoes will fall, one population at a time
If they only understood, it's not a question of if; it's a question of when

Didn't civil rights teach us anything?
Before the civil rights movement, another population was denied all of these rights
They too suffered under the oppression of the bigoted majority
They were forced to live as second-class citizens

Keep going back in time, and the same pattern repeats itself
The majority targets a small population and legally oppresses them
No other groups come to their defense
Not until enough of them have also suffered, but by then it's too late

Wake up people; stop the bigotry, hate and ignorance before it knocks on your door
We are depending on you; we need you to join this fight
Alone we may win this battle, together we cannot lose
We must fight for EVERYONE'S rights, not just our own

I want him to be able to come home
I want to make a life with him
Together we are so much more than the sum of two people
Please, join us against the oppression and help me bring him home