Thursday, November 15, 2012

The walls close in

The closet door opens
A wall blocks the way forward
The door closes behind
Locked from the inside

Once out, there is no return
The illusion of safety in the lie extinguished
The courage to live in truth met with a wall of denial
No way forward, no way back

The rules have changed
Confusion rules a new life
I search for an opening
A way to perceive this new life

I push against the wall
It refuses to yield
Stopping my forward progress
Frustrating my desire to grow

Others revel in seeing failure
Rejoice in watching others suffer
They speak of a better life
As they hold the wall from the other side

Subtle cracks appear
Light shines through
Hope is alive
The desire for a way out

The wall stands firm
It seems nothing will break it
The light a simple delusion
No way forward, no way back

The space between shrinks
Crushing tender souls
Soon no room will remain
Everything becomes nothing


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