Monday, November 12, 2012

OK, I finally get it

Where are the people who care?
Do they really exist?
Everyone has an agenda
Everyone is out for themselves

I love you, I respect you, I care about you
Words with no meaning
Words used to open hearts
Lay bare your soul

Once open, the manipulation begins
How can I get what I want for as long as I can?
Smile, laugh, compliment
All while tearing, ripping, breaking

Human nature is no better than animal nature
Hugs were invented so you couldn't see the knife
About to slip into your back
Piercing your heart and soul

Friendship, love, relationship, respect, honesty
All have lost meaning, twisted into ugliness
Their truth buried beneath cold earth
The map to their location lost for eternity

I will not stay in a cold world such as this
I will no longer be a source of joy for others to use
Maybe true hearts are no longer a part of this world
Maybe evolution has eliminated them as weak

I just don't have any more energy to share
My life force drained
Depleted then cast aside
Maybe I should just stop caring

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